Video in a Clinical Setting

In this new era of social-distancing, hospitals and clinical environments need to quickly adapt to new measures that enable them continue their services while adhering to distancing protocols. Many aspects of service delivery will have to be re-assessed.

Video communications can play a large role in facilitating these changes, whether it is patient-facing information & advice, or internal training and staff supports.

"When patients are engaged, they become more actively involved in their own healthcare, leading to lower costs and better outcomes".

Engaging patients in a clinical setting provides its own unique challenges -How do you get a patient to digest health information and self-care advice in a short period of time during a physically and emotionally stressful time? How to reach patients with the most impact?


Health information videos can play an important role in getting patients engaged and involved in their care.

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As well as patient-specific information, video also provides an effective way to streamline the delivery of staff training, with a number of key advantages over traditional face-to-face training:

  • The video content is available 24/7 rather than delivered at a specific time and location. Patients and staff can access the video content on any device anytime and anywhere, reducing the need for unnecessary hospital visits.

  • Video can be used to demonstrate exercises for recovery or long term chronic pain management, and the patient can view the content as often as they like. Videos can be easily tailored to each patient and/or injury.

  • "Videos address multiple learning styles". Some people learn from visuals and some people retain information if its provided aurally. Here's where video content can be extremely useful over text-based information.

  • Video is a great way to utilise the knowledge already within the team and share it across the organisation, regardless of shift, location or department.

  • Short-form video enables the team to self-direct their learning and easily access the specific content they need for a quick refresh..

Creating in-house video can be achieved quickly and easily with Video Sherpa, giving your organisation the ability to create exactly the right video content for your needs. 


We've put together this useful free guide to help you plan and execute quality video content for your patients & staff - download now and see just how easy it can be to bring this key function in-house.

Download our 10 Essentials for highly effective clinical videos.


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