Maximising Training With Video


Whether on-boarding new employees or providing CPD courses for existing staff, training is an essential part of life for every organisation. 


Companies that invest in training reap the benefits, as 94% of employees regularly cite training opportunities as a key incentive to stay with a company. At a time when employee turnover can be high and recruitment expensive in both financial and lost-productivity terms, it pays to invest in employee training.


Having a highly trained workforce brings many benefits to companies:

  • Improving product & service delivery

  • Increased efficiencies

  • Fostering innovation

  • Reducing costly errors

  • Faster onboarding of new employees

  • Improved profitability

Training is also a valuable tool in terms of safeguarding the collective expertise built up within a company.  By capturing and sharing the internal knowledge base within the wider team, you are ensuring that the specialist knowledge they contain stays within the company, even if they choose to move on or retire. 


Making it easy to find, share and re-use the information and resources already within the organisations leads to:

  • Better team co-operation and morale

  • Improved team communication

  • Greater collaboration

  • A more diverse sharing of insights, leading to valuable new discoveries and breakthroughs


Delivering training can, however, be very time-consuming and expensive.  Hiring external trainers, allocating time and expenses for training as well as lost productivity all adds up.  It can also be difficult to find ways to capture and share internal knowledge effectively – delivering this information on a personal, one-to-one basis is in-efficient.


What companies need is a resource that delivers key information to their staff in a timely and efficient way and video is the perfect tool to deliver this, with a number of key advantages over traditional classroom-based training:

  • The training content is available 24/7 rather than delivered at a specific time, freeing your team to avail of it exactly when it suits them best.

  • Video training content is standardised across the whole organisation - regardless of the dynamic in a classroom on any given day or delivered by different instructors.

  • Videos are easily updated as required and can be instantly circulated to the relevant team members by email, incurring no delays in important information getting circulated.

  • Video is a great way to utilise the knowledge already within the team and share it across the organisation, regardless of shift, location or department.

  • Short-form video training enables the team to self-direct their learning and easily access the specific content they need for a quick refresh.


Creating in-house video can be achieved quickly and easily with Video Sherpa, giving your organisation the ability to create exactly the right training content for your needs. 


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