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Create quality video marketing content in-house to engage your audience


Bespoke Video Content At Your Fingertips

From pre-teens to C-Suite executives, Video is the most dynamic engagement tool at your disposal.  Video Sherpa is the ideal partner for your teams to create effective video content that delivers results - quickly, easily & cost-effectively.


As a small business Video Sherpa is giving us the opportunity to reach our audience in a more effective and professional way.

Their platform makes it so easy to create video content with no need to have a video making background!         

Magaly Murray
Gran Grans Foods


#2 Show, Don't Tell

84% of people have bought a product or service after watching a video about it – deliver high level information in a visually effective way.  Showcase your products and your team’s expertise with powerful video content you can quickly put together in-house.


#3 Easily Personalise, Update & Republish

Tailoring your messaging for different niche audiences is highly effective.  With Video Sherpa you can quickly create multiple versions of a video with targeted messaging for different audience segments that addresses their needs specifically.


If you want to take your business to the next level and blow past your competition, you can't afford to ignore the power of incorporating video into your mix. 



#1 Grow Your

 86% of people want more video from brands – so give your audience the content they want. Stock images don’t show your unique identity & hiring videographers quickly becomes expensive. Video Sherpa gives your team the tools and training they need to film, edit and publish high quality content at scale.


#4 Create content
at scale across the whole organisation

With unlimited users as standard, you can empower more of your team to start using video today.  

Greater Control & Flexibility

Bringing video content creation in-house gives your team the ability to create high quality training video exactly when they are needed. Video Sherpa’s platform facilitates this with...

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All content centralised hosted on the cloud, available 24/7 to the entire team

All content centralised hosted on the cloud, available 24/7 to the entire team

Video Production Without Limits. 

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All content centralised hosted on the cloud, available 24/7 to the entire team

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Manage User-Generated Content

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Save your best clips to your DIGITAL ASSET LIBRARY, ready to be used in future videos

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Quality ensured with ADMIN APPROVAL CONTROLS

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Collaborate with team members in real time on the dashboard

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Directly publish to social media channels, upload to websites, add to newsletters or email directly to staff.


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