Video advertising in the property sector is growing by 50% year on year in the UK and EU.


Why is video such a powerful tool in for showcasing properties:

  • Video gives a better 'feel' for the layout and size of a property

  • Photos can be deceptive but video instils trust as a more accurate representation of size and scale

  • Videos often include footage from the neighbourhood, showcasing a possible lifestyle and not just the property in isolation

  • We absorb & remember more from video (95% recall), than simply reading text with images (10% recall)

  • Presenting your property listings improves the brand recognition for your agency

  • Video saves time - the same video can be used in private emails to clients, posted on property listings sites, on our website and social media channels

  • Video can be easily updated and re-shared as required.

  • People prefer video - in fact, 85% of house sellers & buyers want to work with Agents who use video (NAR)

  • The video content is available 24/7 rather than delivered at a specific time and location.

  • A web page containing a Video is 57% more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google than just text alone (HubMedia). Therefore creating a video to showcase a property increases the chances of the right buyer seeing it.

  • Videos are easily updated as required and can be instantly circulated to the relevant clients by email, incurring no delays in important information getting circulated.

  • Providing video content for potential buyers is a great way to create a more personal connection. Viewers connect with people, the agent can use the video to create a human connection with the viewers.

It's no wonder more and more Agents are using this effective tool to market their properties!

Estate Agents can save time and money by creating videos themselves. This ensures Estate Agents have complete control and can offer their clients this premium marketing service in-house.

Creating video tours can be achieved quickly and easily with Video Sherpa, giving you the ability to create exactly the right content for your needs. 


We've put together this useful free guide to help you plan and execute quality video's for your clients - download now and see just how easy it can be to bring this key function in-house.

Download our Guide for Creating Highly Effective Real Estate Videos.

Learn how your company can save time & money with video.


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