Video production made easy.

Create professional-quality video in-house using our step-by-step video production platform.  Easily film, edit, collaborate, publish and manage all your own content.


"Previously we had to rely on the expertise of third-party production companies for online content, now with Video Sherpa we can produce content quickly in-house and it really looks professional."

Shana Singh
Ethos Engineering

Showcase Your Unique Organization

Outsourcing video production is slow and expensive, while stock video clips are too generic.  Filming your own footage is ideal for showcasing your products and services, your team and customers, venues, and events.


Our filming app generates a specific shot list for every video, helping you capture the right mix of shots for high-quality, visually engaging content.


We also provide you with a media kit (tripod, gimbal, microphone) and training from professional videographers, so you have the tools and skills to create your own content in-house.

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Streamline Project Management,
Collaboration & Approvals.

Easily work with multiple co-creators, controlling who can access different areas of your dashboard with customized user permissions, assign specific video projects to other users and manage the entire project remotely.

Video Sherpa is a cloud-based platform, so you and your team can access all your content 24/7, connecting with and messaging each other on the dashboard, and collaborating on videos in real-time


Admin users must approve projects before they can be directly published, so you can facilitate multiple content creators, safe in the knowledge that their work will be to your standards before publishing.

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"Video Sherpa is allowing us to reach our audience in a more effective & professional way. Their platform makes it so easy to create video content, with no need to have a video-making background."

Magaly Murray
Gran Grans Foods

Simple Editing & Direct Publishing

Forget the difficulty of complicated edit suites - we have built an easy and intuitive tool for you to assemble your videos, adding branding, captions, soundtracks, voiceovers, and subtitles as required.

Directly publish videos to your YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter feed from your dashboard.  You can also download videos for native upload to websites and other social media or embed video links into your email and newsletter campaigns.

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Manage and Reuse Your Video Footage

Your original footage is a precious resource.  Reusing your own content in a variety of videos gives you maximum value from these resources.


With Video Sherpa, you can save your best clips into your Digital Asset Library, ready to be re-used again and again by anyone on the team.


You can also restrict sensitive footage unsuitable for general access and control access to this content.

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Secure Hosting & Ongoing Support

All of your original content, finished videos, and Digital Asset Library content is password protected, firewalled, and encrypted.

The Video Sherpa team is available for ongoing support, offering a weekly open session where clients can ask for advice, brainstorm ideas, or receive feedback.