Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing has become extremely popular over the last few years and is now an essential tool in every marketers kit.

5 reasons Video Marketing has become essential

1. Videos Drive Conversions  

Result have shown - “adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%” - One could argue, video marketing has gained popularity due to its ability to drive conversions. Videos enable customers to see value in a product, through “how-to” videos and videos showcasing a products best features. Ultimately, videos bring a product to life which enables customers to purchase because they can see the real-life value of the product. “84% of consumers have bought a product after watching a video on it” - Video marketing done well sells products. 

2. Videos builds trust with customers

“The intimacy of a video marketing campaign makes it uniquely well-suited to building trust” - Videos humanise your brand. They enable customers to learn, be entertained and connect with your brand story. Over time customers connect with your brand because they relate your brand to the reaction they get from your videos. This connection they make builds trust, they know what to expect from your brand. The fact the customer trusts your brand makes the customer decision journey smoother. The customer will purchase from your brand, they trust it and therefore feel no risk.

3. Videos qualify leads 

“Marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year with video campaigns” - If qualifying leads is top of your mind, then video is the way to go. Videos if done well, provide customers with the information they need to commit to learning more about your product. Customer testimonials, behind the scenes and product demo videos are just a few types of videos which may provoke customers to take action to learn more.

4. Videos boost brand awareness

“Marketers see a 54% boost in brand awareness with video campaigns” - Is increasing brand awareness a goal for your company? Including video campaigns in your content strategy is a sure way to reach this goal. Videos are a great way to get your brands story and values to the customer. If customers continue to see videos created by your brand, they will start to recognise it.

5. Videos reduce cost of customer support

"videos can help your customers to use their product without having to call you for help" - Videos answer customers questions - having tutorial, "how to" and Q&A videos available to your customers can help your business save time and money. Customer support workers will not spend as much time answering the same queries over and over, as now videos will answer them.

How can your company succeed at video marketing?

Now we have established why video marketing has gained so much traction, let's look at how your company can create videos. You want your company to be able to create good quality videos, that provide your customer with the information they need to purchase?

Video Sherpa can help you achieve this goal.

Video Sherpa is a video marketing software platform that companies use to create engaging, original video content exactly when they need it – it’s like their own in-house video production crew.  We’ve taken care of the tech, so your company can focus on telling their brands story.

Our step-by-step, guided process does the heavy lifting, so now anyone can create amazing, original video content using only their smartphone & our software.

Request a Demo today, to see how Video Sherpa can bring your marketing to the next level. 

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