Video Production For Busy Marketing Teams

Updated: Jan 14

Video Marketing is incredibly powerful and by now a staple of most marketing strategies. But how do you go about seamlessly integrating video creation into your marketing team activities?

First of all, make sure the whole team knows the benefits of creating more video assets.

For anyone who has been living under a rock here are some compelling reasons why your marketing team should be jumping at the opportunity of creating video content in-house.


64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to create.


Don’t panic!...

Creating in-house video content does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

We are here to help you learn how to create video content in-house easily and efficiently.

Step 1 - The Benefits of In-house Video Production

A lot of companies hire agencies or videographers to shoot their video content but there are many benefits of bringing video production in-house:

- You know exactly what the brief is and understand the key messages you want to share in the video. Therefore the video will turn out as planned by you and not what the agency or videographer interpret your message to be.

- When shooting video in-house you can create videos exactly when you need them. You can act in the moment, spontaneously creating video around something happening in the office that day or when particular opportunities arise.

- You can re-use your best video clips in different videos, with different messaging for different customer segments, squeezing maximum value from your valuable video resources.

- Creating video content in-house is cheaper than outsourcing, therefore you can create more videos per year. More videos leads to higher enagagement rates and an increase in leads/conversions.

- Upskilling your team with video production skills will also give your organisation a definite edge and an advantage over competitors.

Step 2 - Team Effort

Before you get started creating video content, decide who on the team will be involved in the video creation process. Its important to have at least one person who champions video production on the team. They will ensure videos get included in the marketing strategy and eventually get created. It is a good idea to get people from all departments in the organisation involved in this process to get a rounded view of the content you could create.

To ensure nothing is forgotten about, follow our video planner. Using the video planner you can make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of key messages, video goals etc.

This will be valuable when it comes to shooting the content as there will be no confusion or delays.

Video Planner & Storyboard - Video Sherp
Download • 92KB

Encourage your team to take part in the videos. Having an employee of the company be the video personality will add a personal touch to the content. The face of the videos does not have to be the CEO it can be any member of the team who is a natural on camera.

Step 3 - Get The Ideas Flowing

You will need to come up with some video content ideas that will integrate nicely with your overall marketing plan.

To give you a head start here is a comprehensive list of video ideas -

It’s important to get your team involved at this stage as they will bring a wide variety of ideas to the table and will be more likely to help out when creating the content if they have contributed to the ideas.

Tap into industry conversations that your team could speak about and that would also interest your audience. Don't forget to take note of FAQ'S from your customers that would make good video content. Also, video content about anniversaries, company announcements and seasonal dates regularly benefit from higher customer engagements.

Step 4 - Tools

A tool like Video Sherpa is perfect for marketing teams!

Video Sherpa enables teams to easily create high quality video content in-house. With built in team collaboration tools, a digital asset manager and unlimited users, your transition to creating video content in-house will be seamless. Even if a member of the team leaves, you will still retain all the footage they shot, stored on the cloud-based dashboard, so you'll never again have to hunt for missing footage!

Training is also provided by a professional videographer to teach your team how to create high quality video content. Providing your team with this skill gives your company the confidence and capability to create highly effective content specific for your audience and your messaging.

That is just a few things Video Sherpa can do - if you would like to learn more contact us.

Do's and Don'ts of Video Production

Now you are all set to start creating videos with your marketing team but before you go take a look at the list below containing a few 'Dos and Don'ts of video production':

Annoying voiceover - 75% of consumers have decided against buying a product because the voiceover annoyed them.

SEO - Remember to include keywords in your title, description and content of the video.

Too many messages - Don’t pack too many messages into one video. Stick with one to two clear points. Consider creating a video series if you have more to say on the topic.

Closed Captions - It is imperative to add closed captions to your videos as many people watch videos with no sound.

Avoid a sales orientated tone - Focus on the value of your product/service from your customers perspective. Aim for a storytelling tone. Use testimonials and proof points to relate with your audience.

Background - Choose a background that isn't too busy. Keep it clean and if possible a venue relevant to the content of the video.

Bad intros - The first 10 seconds of your video are very important. Entice your audience to keep watching with impressive stats, testimonials or relatable stories.

Video Sherpa is ready to set your team up to create amazing video content. Feel free to book a quick call to get started.