Video Messaging - the Best Way to Connect & Inform

Updated: Jan 14

Things are changing so fast. From one day to the next our work, home and social environments are in flux. It’s more important than ever for companies to deliver clear information to their audiences, both internal & external, to keep them informed of how they are responding to these changing circumstances.

Video is a great way to deliver these messages for a number of reasons.....

Video enables companies to deliver a more direct, personal message than releasing statements or posting text on websites. The presenter’s tone of voice, eye contact, expression and other non-verbal cues can help reinforce and underline the message they are delivering, all of which is harder to achieve with text alone.

Additional visual, captions, music and on-screen Calls To Action also strengthen the core messages being conveyed.

Video is now our preferred way to receive information and has a much higher email open rate and social media engagement rate than any other form of content.

The use of video in employee communications is particularly effective with Companies using video getting 74% engagement rates from employees, with average 2½ min watch time – so if you want to guarantee that your staff get a piece of vital information, send it by video.

We can absorb dense, complex information quicker and easier through video than other formats – particularly important when there is vital financial, industrial or health and safety information to be relayed.

Graphs, charts, important website address or contact numbers can all be included to make sure your audiences knows exactly what they should do with this information.

People around the world are coming together to share knowledge and experience and again, video is a great tool to deliver advice and information, thought leadership, financial supports etc.

Use the expertise and knowledge base within your organisation to create practical, useful pieces of advice now that your audiences will appreciate.

Video can be used across so many formats that once piece of video can effectively reach your audiences on your company website, in email campaigns, on your social media channels, in newsletters and on internal company platforms. When you need to reach a lot of people in a relatively short period of time, there is no better medium than video.

Today the importance of online video in a business’s communication & marketing strategy is unprecedented. The extent of video’s reach and effectiveness is unparalleled. If you want to reach out to your team, your customers and the wider world, video is the ideal tool at your disposal.

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