The Power of Video in Online Selling

Updated: Jan 14

Thumb-stopping video content is what we all need in order to grab the interest of potential customers, especially now that more of us are working from home and relying on online shopping more than ever.

Creating this content doesn’t have to involve expensive studio set-ups or hiring external videographers. It’s easier than ever to create great quality, engaging video content using your smartphone, a stabiliser and some clever editing software and at Video Sherpa we’ve gone a step further, giving you a guided, step-by-step filming workflow to ensure you get the best shots of your product to bring them to life on screen.

Product videos are a great way to showcase your products, bringing them to life in a more in-depth way than static images and text.

Remember the mantra ‘Show, don’t tell’? Well, e-commerce is where it really impacts, with 84% of us having bought an item online after watching a video about it. E-commerce platforms like Shopify are embracing the power of video to influence consumers, making it easy to embed product videos onto your online store.

How-To Videos are another great way to connect with your customers. Who wants to wade through long product descriptions or user manuals?

Showing your product in action, explaining how your customers can use it, install it, style it, implement it – these are all really useful short videos that help your customer better understand the product and convince them to buy.

Video FAQs are a more personal way to answer common customer queries and can help build trust in the company through a more human touch. It’s also a great way to use video to reduce the cost of customer support in your organisation. In fact, Businesses using explainer videos saw 81% increase in sales & 53% decrease in support calls.

Video Sherpa’s step-by-step filming guides helps you to easily get the shots you need to quickly put together effective video for all your social channels. Adding your branding, captions, voiceover and music soundtracks will help you create high quality, professional videos for all your own products and dramatically increase your customer engagements online.

Video Sherpa's intuitive platform enables companies to bring their video production in-house, easily creating, editing and publishing high quality, personalised video content. Simple team collaboration tools, publishing controls, social media integrations, and your own digital asset library make it a robust video creation toolkit for today's businesses - and all cloud-based so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about how you can easily create highly effective videos in-house with Video Sherpa's guided content creation platform.