Retaining Company Expertise with Video

Updated: Jan 14

Often, we are too slow to recognise how much and in what ways we can assist each other through sharing expertise and knowledge.

Owen Arthur

It is incredible to think that the average large US business loses $47 million in productivity each year as a direct result of inefficient knowledge sharing, which clearly shows the importance of capturing, retaining and communicating the knowledge that exists within in your company. By doing so, you are ensuring that the specialist knowledge your team has built up stays within the company, even if they choose to move on or retire.

Making it easy for employees to find, share and re-use the information and resources already within the organisations leads to:

  • Better team co-operation and morale

  • Improved team communication

  • Greater collaboration

  • A more diverse sharing of insights, leading to valuable new breakthroughs

Delivering training can, however, be very time-consuming and expensive. Allocating the time and expenses for training as well as lost productivity can all add up to a significant sum.

Sharing expertise and delivering training on a personal, one-to-one basis is inefficient,

especially in today's larger organisations with dispersed employees and increased working from home. So it's more important than ever for organisation to find the best way to capture and share internal knowledge effectively.


Build collegiality - being part of a team

Every employee has a unique viewpoint and valuable information to bring to your whole team. Some of the most valuable people in any industry are the ones who have been there the longest; the people who have learned the crucial trade secrets and insights through

real-life experience. New employees also bring fresh insights from previous roles that can

be invaluable in spreading new efficiencies and innovations throughout the organisation.


Video = Most Effective & Flexible Resource

What companies need is a resource that delivers key information to their staff in a timely and efficient way. Video is the perfect tool to deliver this, with a number of key advantages over traditional, classroom-based training:

  1. BETTER UNDERSTANDING Over 60% of us are visual learners, so using videos in training makes it easier to digest and recall key information. Seeing an action demonstrated and described at the same time is highly effective, and creates a clear idea in people's heads of the behaviours and skills that you want to impart.

  2. BETTER ENGAGEMENT According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text, so giving them the information they need in the format they prefer will prove more effective in the long term.

  3. REDUCED COST 85% of training costs are spent delivering that training, but with video you need only invest the time and money once to have that training content available in perpetuity. When Microsoft replaced classroom training with video training, they reduced the cost per employee from $320 to $17, saving themselves a whopping $13.9 million annually.

  4. GREATER FLEXIBILITY This video content is available to the team 24/7 rather than delivered at a specific time, freeing them to avail of it exactly when it suits them best, regardless of location, shift, timezone etc. Short-form video training enables the team to self-direct their learning and easily access the specific content they need for a quick refresh.

  5. STANDARDISATION Video content is standardised across the whole organisation - ensuring everyone has access to and benefits from the same valuable information.

  6. FLEXIBILITY Unlike text-based manuals and training folders, videos are easily updated as required and can be instantly circulated to the relevant team members by email, incurring no delays in important information getting shared.


Creating video in-house is not just more cost-effective, but it also allows you to capture and share the valuable internal knowledge, skills and tips that have built up within your organisation over time.

With Video Sherpa organisations can easily create, share and manage all their own video content on the cloud, giving 24/7 access to the team, anywhere in the world. Contact us today to learn more about how our platform can help your team capture and share the great internal resources within your organisation.