PSSST... New Features!


Here at Video Sherpa, we are very excited to announce some new software features we have recently added to make our client's filming and editing process as easy as possible. Here's a quick summary of the new features we have added.....


With one click, you can now copy and paste an entire video (including all the original clips) on your dashboard. Leaving the original video intact, you can make any changes you wish to this second version of the video - change messaging, add or remove clips, put in a new Call to Action etc - and share this video with a different audience.

This is particularly useful when you want to personalise the video content to a different niche audience, or quickly create a short trailer video to promote your content on social media.

Here's a quick tutorial video to show you how it works. NEW VOICEOVER SUITE We've made it easier to add a voiceover to your videos. Once your video is rendered, you can now replay the finished video and record your voiceover as you watch it, controlling the volume, music etc. Perfect for those that are a bit camera-shy!

Here's a quick look at how this works.