Lockdown Sucks! These 9 Simple Videos Ideas Will Keep Sales Flowing

For anyone whose business is seriously interrupted by lockdown, this can be a very worrying time. Finding ways to keep interacting with your clients online, or building awareness among prospective clients is an important measure to counter the lack of physical footfall.

But the lockdown can also give us the time to tackle some of those important tasks that you've been meaning to do but rarely find the time, like creating a series of videos that you can roll out over the coming weeks and months to continue growing your audience base, engaging with customers and building your brand.

This is especially true if you have recently started online trading - video is a great way to spread the word, grow engagement and keep those sales coming in!

Where To Start?

We are working within certain restrictions during lockdown, so it's important to focus on creating video content that is achievable right now. Here are 9 great ideas to get you started, that you can tweak for your specific type of business.


Nothing beats seeing a product in action to give your customers a better understanding of how it works and how they would use it themselves. These videos can be shot in the factory, on the shop floor, or can be tutorial-style for software products.

Crucially, they not only give you the opportunity to draw attention to the key features and benefits your products bring your customers but they also give you the opportunity to keep a personal connection going between you and your customers.

If you are nervous about stepping in front of the camera, just imagine you are speaking directly to a potential customer and share the information in a natural, conversational way, rather than a giving a formal presentation.


Help your customers find the product that's best for them by doing some comparisons of various options that you stock - one need not be better or worse than the other, but each will suit a particular customer more or less.

Creating a short series of these videos will be quick and easy to create - yet will give you loads of ongoing content to drip feed onto your social channels over the coming weeks and months and will help grow an audience interested in learning more.


These videos can be equally applicable to a product or service based business. What expertise do you and your team have that you could share with your online audience? Examples might include....

- How to style outfits for different seasons

- How to do exercises at home

- How to mix the perfect cocktail

- How to mix colours in home decor

- How to do a tax return

- How to prepare a will

- How to apply for business supports

Whatever business you are in, there is always some helpful advice and expertise you can share and bring value to your customers.


For many in the hospitality sector, this is an especially difficult time. But it does present an opportunity to create a series of short videos of your venue, focusing each one on a different audience segment.

For example, a hotel could create separate short videos focused on their conferencing facilities, their wedding services, as a perfect family venue, on their mid-week packages, as a venue for parties and special occasions, or as a romantic getaway.

Shooting footage of your location, especially if you have great outside spaces or lovely scenery nearby, your different lounges, leisure or spa facilities, meeting rooms, different bedroom options etc. ensures that you have all this footage on file and can use it again and again in different video packages in the future.


We will all be relying on online shopping to get our Christmas gifts this year, so why not make it easy for people and create short videos of the different gifts you stock. Having video on your website or social channels will significantly improve your SEO, helping more new customers find you too.


Why not take your inspiration straight from your customers and ask them what they've always wanted to know. You could invite questions on your social channels and then create a series of short videos that answers 3 or 4 of these questions in each video.

TIP: If you tag the people who asked the questions when posting your videos, you're guaranteed more social media engagement.


This type of video is especially helpful for service-based businesses. While it might be difficult to shoot a customer testimonial at the moment, you can still film a video outlining how you have recently helped some of your customers and share valuable information on how you achieved it and the ROI for your client. You can also include some presentation slides, charts or graphs to show revenue growth or use text testimonials to share the customers feedback.


Who would your audience love to hear from? Who has valuable insights that they could share with your clients? There are many ways to record and share video interviews today:

- do a screen recording of a webinar or zoom interview

- do a split-screen Facebook Live

- do a live Instagram shared broadcast with someone

These tools have been used to great effect by lots of people in the fashion and beauty industry recently, but they could be just as

effective for lots of other sectors.


Lots of people are fascinated by the history of a company, who founded it and why, and what ups and downs they have had over the years. Now is a good time to capture that story on film, perhaps add in some archive footage or images, copies of early media coverage or marketing materials from the past, and weave it all together to give your customers a fascinating insight into the heart of the company.

So there you have it - 9 different ways you can create and share valuable and interesting content over the coming weeks.

It doesn't have to involve expensive equipment or hiring external videographers - with simple tools, like Video Sherpa, you'll be shooting, editing and publishing your own engaging content in no time.

If you'd like some help, or just to get some advice, don't hesitate to contact us.