How To Feel More Confident On Camera

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Nerves can be overwhelming – someone who is normally confident and outgoing suddenly becomes stiff and robotic when a camera is pointed at them.

It can be a struggle to feel confident and speak naturally in front of the camera. To help with this, we’ve put together some simple and effective tips that you can put into action to help anyone shine on camera.

Effective Tips To Boost Confidence On Camera

Choose a filming location that is quiet and has very little people around.

Ensure the person you are filming feels comfortable where they are standing/sitting.

Suggest some breathing exercises to help release nerves.

Talk through the content of the video before starting to film.

Be patient and do not interrupt. If you do not get your desired answer, rephrase the question.

Always reassure the person that all mistakes will be edited out.

Now you have the confidence to get infront of the camera, all you need is the perfect tool to capture, edit and manage all your video content.

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