Why a Digital Asset Manager is the secret to video marketing success.

Updated: Jan 14

You are probably in the cohort of 85% of companies that are using video to drive customer engagement, lead generation and sales revenue.

You may even be in the top 50% of companies who have made the move to in-house video production, creating some if not all of your videos yourselves.

You understand the benefits that video brings your company and have dedicated time and budget to producing great video content for your website and social channels.

So far so good.

But two significant headaches you face on a regular basis are:

1) the ability to easily organise and manage all your video assets,

2) finding a seamless way to re-use and re-purpose these video assets to get maximum ROI for the resources you have invested.

That drone footage of your building, the video testimonials from customers at last year's exhibition and the detailed product demo footage that works so well in sales presentations - all extremely valuable resources for your team.

Where are they?

Who has them?

What drive are they on?

What was it called?

Who has access?

Did someone delete it?

Avoiding this kind of disjointed, chaotic storage situation is essential if you are to gain maximum benefit from your video files.

That is where a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) or Library is worth its weight in gold.

Using a DAM will help you improve productivity, improve consistency in your video content and streamline team collaboration, not to mention reducing repetitive tasks like searching, sorting, emailing and organising large video files.

We believe so strongly in the value of a DAM that we built one as an integral aspect of the Video Sherpa platform, with unlimited DAM storage included for all customers.

This secure filing system enables you to save and tag your best video clips on the cloud, accessible by your whole team, ready to be used in different videos, with different messaging for different customer segments.

It saves you time having to reshoot similar footage, searching for past footage and sharing content across the organisation.

Like an uber-efficient personal assistant, your DAM will make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips, exactly when you need it.

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