Need to create Training Videos? Here are 10 Top Tips to create quality training content in-house!

Did you know that 75% of your employees and colleagues are more likely to watch a video than read a piece of text? Video has become the most popular way to share and receive information, and thousands of workplaces around the world are taking advantage of video to streamline their employee training programmes. Current COVID-19 restrictions make it harder to deliver in-person training, so it's become more crucial than ever to take advantage of video as a tool to deliver top quality training for your team.

In-house staff training videos are a great example of the type of videos your company should create. With the use of video, you can effectively transfer key information and training to new or existing staff again and again, at a time and place that's most accessible to them.

Creating your own video content can seem daunting to first time users. Video Sherpa provides the perfect solution to this.

Video Sherpa offers a step-by-step guided video recording and editing process that allows anyone to create engaging, original video content in-house. This eliminates the high cost of hiring a videographer