Tis The Season! Christmas Video Ideas & Examples

Updated: Jan 14

Holidays and special occasions are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your audience and celebrate these moments with them.

Seasonal videos keep your brand top of mind in terms of gift ideas and build your company profile. It can be challenging to come up with fresh Christmas video ideas year after year, so we have compiled a list to get you started!

Christmas Video Ideas

1. A Time For Giving

During the Christmas season, many organisations get involved in charity work. Suppose your company is getting involved in a fundraising activity or volunteering at a charity event over the coming months. Why not use this opportunity to share a video in the run-up to Christmas.

You can also use the video to encourage others to be more charitable by adding a call to action in your video to encourage donations to that charity.

Take inspiration from 4COM Foundation and the video of the toy appeal they ran for Amelia's Rainbow charity.

2. 'A John Lewis Style' video on a micro-budget

Who doesn't love the annual John Lewis Oscar-worthy Christmas video? You do not need the huge production cost that John Lewis invests every year to achieve the same emotional appeal.

Take inspiration from Haford Hardware's Christmas video. A family-owned DIY store in Wales, Haford Hardware, released their budget commercial to celebrate the festive period, encouraging the nation to #BeAKidThisChristmas.

Incredibly, they achieved a John Lewis-style video for just £100!

Which goes to show, if you are willing to spend a little extra time and push your creativity to the max, you too could achieve similar results.

3. Christmas Gift Guide

Coming up with gift ideas can be a real struggle, so why not help your audience by creating a video of all the gift ideas your team would love to receive themselves.

Suppose you want to go the extra mile. In that case, you could even use the video to encourage your audience to shop local by featuring products and services from your favourite local businesses.

The following video captures the magic of Christmas shopping on Loophead, County Clare while featuring two local businesses - Kilbaha Gallery & The Long Dock Artisan Food Shop.

4. Start the new Jerusalema Craze

If your team is up to the challenge, why not go wild and attempt to start a new dance trend!

These fun, light-hearted videos tend to receive high engagements on social media and show the personalities behind the company name.

You could get a trend started by nominating a few other companies to encourage them to give the dance a go! And come up with a catchy hashtag to track which other companies follow suit.

Again, this could be used to encourage donations to a particular charity and add to your company's CSR projects for the year.

Something like this...

5. A Year In Review

The end of the year is a great time to reflect and acknowledge what your organisation has achieved, and a 'Year in Review' video is a powerful way to celebrate milestones and acknowledge achievements for internal audiences.

The last year has been a very challenging and turbulent time, so use this video to acknowledge how your team powered through!

6. Decorating the office

Get your audience in the festive mood by sharing a video of your office/ venue decorated.

You could even take them through the process of decorating. Maybe get bonus points by taking a sustainable approach to the whole thing and encouraging others to follow suit. https://www.mygreentoddler.com/sustainable-christmas-decorations/

7. Teambuilding Activity

Lift spirits with a fun video highlighting a Christmas teambuilding exercise you have done. Here are some fun ideas -

Christmas Bake a thon

Who doesn't love some sweet treats and a bit of decorating? Christmas cookies or go all out and build gingerbread houses.

Christmas Cocktails

Hire a professional mixologist to show your team how to create the perfect Christmas drinks.

Christmas Quiz

Everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned quiz.

8. Showcase Your Location

Capture the hearts of your local audience by sharing a video of the area at christmas time. You could film a tree lighting cermony, local people, unique traditions etc.

Last year we tried our best to capture the magic of Galway city at Christmas time -

Now get filming!

You can really have some fun with this style of content and boost your company brand at the same time. If you're looking for an easy way to film, edit and store your videos = Video Sherpa is the perfect solution!

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