22 of the Best Video Ideas For Your Organisation

Updated: Jan 14

Is there a marketer left on the planet who doesn't know how powerful video is for audience engagement, lead generation and conversion? I doubt it. And it's easy to see why....

92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy while 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend on video.

But coming up with ideas for your video marketing campaigns can be a struggle, especially in a busy marketing office with lots of competing demands on your time - blogs to write,

ad campaigns to set up, reports to draft etc.

Here at Video Sherpa we understand that the daily grind of admin can drain anyone's creative juices, so to make your life easier we have created a cornucopia of ideas, a treasure trove of suggestions, a wellspring of inspiration for you to dive into.

Whether you want to improve lead generation and sales, boost engagement levels, or build on your company brand and grow your reputation within the industry - we have got you covered, with a wide range of ideas to suit all businesses, no matter the size or industry.

What are you waiting for!

Now is the time to start planning your 2021 video marketing strategy. Whether you are a seasoned video marketer or taking the plunge for the first time, it's clear that your audience loves watching video and wants more of it.

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video and 86% of people would like to see more video from brands

So lets give them more of what they want.

Using video can have many benefits for your organisation....

- packing a lot of information into a short piece of content

- videos are easy to share, update and available 24/7

- videos work just as well for internal communications and employee training

- social media channels prioritise video, so your customers are more likely to see it

- video is the best way to create a human connection with your customers

- We remember 95% of what we see in a video, compared to 10% of what we read

Now you have the video ideas, all you're missing are the tools to create your videos.

We can help you there too.

Bringing video production in-house is easy with Video Sherpa.

Our step-by-step production software guarantees that you will be able to create your own high quality video content that's ready in hours, not days, is far more cost-effective than hiring a videographer, and best of all you have control on all your footage to re-use again in future video project.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you deliver your marketing goals with video.