We Now Live In a Video-First World

In today's crowded marketplace, your customers are constantly bombarded with sales and marketing content.  It can quickly get overwhelming. 

When consumers are looking for a specific product or service, or even just virtually window-shopping, we don’t want to spend hours searching online, reading product descriptions and trying to find the right information on which to make that buying decision.


We want to quickly find the information we need, make a decision and get on with our day. Video has become the most powerful way to reach, engage and convert your audience.

There is a reason 60% of Marketers say video converts better than other types of content (Vidyard) – it’s engaging, easy to digest, and quickly delivers a lot of valuable information to the customer.  Video is also easily customizable for different audiences, can be quickly updated and re-issued, and is accessible to your audience on multiple platforms – ready to deliver your sales and marketing goals 24/7.

Video content is equally effective for marketing products or services.  Product demos are incredibly effective for online sales, whereas ‘Meet the Team’ videos and customer testimonials help build confidence and trust in the quality of the services your company provides.

If you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level and blow past your competition, you can't afford to ignore the power of incorporating video into your mix. (Spotify)

How can you use video to help get your customers across the finish line?


People buy from people.  It may seem like an outmoded idea but even in our digitally immersive world we still value the human connection - witness the rise of YouTubers and Instagram influencers to shape opinion, and our delight when customer service is delivered by an actual human being rather than a bot!

For SMEs it is vital that you bring the personality of the company to light in your customer engagement activities.  Showing your own products at work, your team delivering those services, hearing from your actual customers on their experiences, capturing your own events and community related activities are all vital ways to raise your distinct profile and give would-be customers a clear understanding of your brand and your company.

Using stock images can't capture your own unique identity and hiring external videographers quickly becomes expensive & time-consuming. 

With Video Sherpa you can bring video production in-house - enabling you to film your own video content, easily edit it together, share with colleagues and get sign-off before directly publishing to your social media channels.  This agile system ensures that you can create the content you need, exactly when you need it.



72% of us prefer learning about a product or service through a video, while 84% of us have gone on to buy a product after watching a video on it (Wyzowl).

Being able to show your product in action is extremely effective, develops a greater understanding of how it works and trust in the quality of the product.  Product videos move customers to buy, but they also have the additional benefit of reducing customer support calls by up to 53% (Wyzowl)​

Service-based companies should also embrace video as a way to quickly and clearly demonstrate the value they offer clients. 

Showcasing the team behind the service is invaluable, building trust and confidence in your ability to deliver.  Customer testimonials are also very effective, providing the objective voice and proof of your valuable service.

As a cloud-based platform with unlimited users, Video Sherpa enables companies to empower anyone on the team to create valuable content: 

From the sales reps on the road filming short testimonials with valued customers

To the product development & manufacturing team creating valuable behind-the-scenes footage on how the products all comes together.


Producing a video FAQ series is another way to help your customers quickly access the information they need in an accessible way.  

Sharing helpful ideas or tips with customers is another great way to provide useful, informative content in a digestible way - perfect for social media. 

These can include:

  • ​Installation tips

  • Styling ideas

  • Recipes

Creating vlogs, interviewing key people your customers are interested in, or producing video case studies are effective ways to share valuable information with your customers. 



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