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What is Video Sherpa?

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Your potential guests are researching online, and video is the best way for you to grab their attention.

63% of guests will use video to decide where to visit and stay, so without video, you risk losing them to your competitors.

Upskilling your team with video marketing skills gives your company a distinctive edge
& powerful competitive advantage.

Drive Direct Bookings

84% of companies increase bookings as a direct result of video campaigns


Video Sherpa helps you to create your own dynamic videos that engage guests on your digital channels, driving more traffic, increasing direct bookings, and reducing commission fees to OTAs

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We jumped at Video Sherpa when we got the opportunity.  Being able to make our own content as we need it is great.  It's really easy to use, and we've had great success with it.
Karen Jones
Director of Sales & Marketing
Differentiate Your Offering

What makes your hotel special and lets you stand out from the competition? 


You need to emphasize your unique selling points or risk competing on price alone.

Video Sherpa enables your team to easily film, edit, and publish original content that captures the unique atmosphere of your venue.

Respond when the opportunity arises and film fresh content regularly, enticing new visitors and returning guests alike.

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Our instagram feed jumped from 60 to over 800 engagements on every post.  Video Sherpa is so versatile & very user-friendly.
Mandy Maher
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Content is Critical

You need a regular stream of fresh content on your websites and social channels to keep your audience engaged and ensure that search engines find you.

Creating video content in-house is 90% cheaper and 70% faster than outsourcing.

Plus, you own all the footage, ready to re-use and re-purpose exactly when you need it.

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"People do not buy goods and services. 
They buy relations, stories & magic."

Seth Godin


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