Video content is a key facet in the communications and marketing strategy of every Higher Education institution today.  Your students consume more video content than any other demographic, so if you want them to see & hear you, video is your optimum engagement tool.


For Higher Education institutions, bringing video production in-house makes complete sense, giving you the ability to create as much content as you need, exactly when you need it, with tools for easy collaboration, user-generated content, publishing approvals and a simple asset management systems so you can easily store, retrieve and re-purpose your own great content.



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Agile working environments are essential in order to create and publish fresh video

marketing content on a regular basis.  Video Sherpa’s cloud-based platform means colleagues can easily collaborate at scale across the entire campus community. 


Robust publishing controls ensure that only approved content is shared on official social media channels, giving Higher Education marketers the best of both worlds - an active community of content creators with the security of a centralised approvals process.


The marketing & communications teams in today's Higher Education institutions are often overwhelmed with requests from the many different schools, departments, student services, societies and clubs across campus for assistance in creating video content.  With limited resources it's not always possible to meet the demand.


With our Multi-Client Management system, you can give each of your college departments gated access to just their projects on your dashboard, enabling smooth communication, project management and approvals on the go.



Video content has been incredibly effective at reaching and engaging potential students, impacting on application & enrolment numbers.  Student-generated content has been particularly successful at giving potential applications an authentic peek into life on campus that is seen as more objective and therefore trustworthy.

Now Higher Education marketing teams can collaborate with students, giving them access to their Video Sherpa platform to create social media videos that can be vetted and approved before going out on the college's channels.



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