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Get your communications
right first time.  

The cost of poor communications within any organisation is significant, directly affecting productivity and morale.  It pays to get your communications right first time.
Video Sherpa is the ideal partner for your Communications teams to create effective video content that delivers targeted messaging exactly where and when its needed.

"Video Sherpa has made communicating with our members easier. We're conscious that our members are busy and by using Video Sherpa we can get our messages across in an easier, more effective way.

The software is really easy to use and it's ideal for creating short but impactful videos."

Colleen Baxter
Membership & Events Co-ordinator
Galway Chamber of Commerce


#2 Video improves employee engagement

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text .  Deliver impactful messaging with video that your employees will actively engage with, that you can create in-house quickly and cost-effectively.


#3 Easily personalise, update & republish

Tailoring your messaging for different niche groups is highly effective.  With Video Sherpa you can quickly create multiple versions of a video with targeted messaging for different teams or update and republish video content as circumstances change.


Business decision-makers LOVE video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.


Robert Weiss 


#1 Video is the most powerful digital communications tool

With global teams and more people now working remotely, good communications are more important than ever.  Video is ideal for delivering engaging internal communications. Video Sherpa gives your team the tools and training they need to create high quality video content in-house, at scale.


#4 Adopt video communications at scale across the whole organisation

This powerful tool can be applied in multiple formats:


Change Management

Investor / Shareholder Updates

Executive Summary

Company News


Product Enhancements / Roadmap

Production without limits

Bringing content creation
in-house gives your team the ability to create high quality video communications exactly when it’s needed. 
Video Sherpa’s platform facilitates this with:

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All content centralised hosted on the cloud, available 24/7 to the entire team

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Manage User-Generated Content

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Save your best clips to your DIGITAL ASSET LIBRARY, ready to be used in future videos

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Quality ensured with ADMIN APPROVAL CONTROLS

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Collaborate with team members in real time on the dashboard

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Directly publish to social media channels, upload to websites, add to newsletters or email directly to clients.


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