How To Create Videos That Attract Customers

"Before reading any text content, 60% of web visitors watch a video if available"(Buisness2Community)


Creating videos in-house is not just more cost effective, but it also is a great way to engage potential customers. Your audience prefer to see and hear from you rather than reading a piece of text. Video content not only drives engagement but it also builds trust with your audience. Download below, our guide to creating videos that attract customer.

72% of us prefer learning about a product or service through a video, while 84% of us have gone on to buy a product after watching a video on it 



Being able to show your product in action is extremely effective, develops a greater understanding of how it works and trust in the quality of the product.

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Providing effective video content that reflects the different stages in a customers journey will allay fears, answer important questions and drive confidence in your offering. Video allows you to easily personalise your messages, with different videos focusing on the specific aspects that appeal to different audiences.

There is no point going to the effort of creating multiple videos if you do not know how to optimise your video to attract your target audience, drive engagement and conversions.


Download our guide to creating videos that attract customers, discover the 10 steps you must take to create more engaging videos including how to:

  • Identify Your Target Audience

  • Preparing an effective script

  • How to identify and creating strong visuals

  • Shooting tips, including sample shots that anyone can achieve

  • Editing For Impact 

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