Create high-quality, original videos exactly when you want them. 

You need more video content. 
You don't need expensive, outsourced production services.

Produce high-quality video content in-house with Video Sherpa.

Our app takes you from planning to filming, editing & publishing your videos, streamlining the entire process so it's easier for teams to collaborate on content that delivers your business goals.

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Reduce the cost
& complexity of
video production

People prefer to watch videos than read text, so it makes sense to prioritize this type of content to guarantee better audience engagement.


But it quickly becomes expensive if you regularly hire video production companies to create content on your behalf.

Creating videos in-house is far more cost-effective and gives you greater control over your story, schedule, and finished video.


Upskill your team with invaluable video skills

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Creating fresh video content whenever you need it is a huge competitive advantage. 


Video Sherpa is a tool to optimise video content through all stages of the process; from pre-production and planning through to editing and post-production.


Video Sherpa supports in-house video production by providing bespoke training, media kits, and an intuitive app which simplifies the whole process, allowing individuals new to film to create high quality content using a mobile phone.

Maximize ROI by
managing and
reusing your footage

Why start from scratch with every video project!


Your original video content is a valuable resource that you can reuse differently for different audiences with different messaging.

The Video Sherpa platform includes a built-in Digital Asset Library, so you can easily manage all your footage, control access to it, and safely store it for future use on one centralized dashboard.

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Training & Guidance from Professional Videographers

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"I've never made a video before - I wouldn't know where to start!"

Sound familiar? Well, help is at hand. Our filming and editing platform is straightforward, intuitive, and simple enough for anyone to use.

We combine that with film skills training from our team of professional videographers, a library of online resources, and the opportunity of a regular call with one of our team to workshop content ideas, solve problems or get advice.

Video for
every eventuality

College Friends
Sales &
Take your video marketing to the next level
Training & HR
Create effective,
on-demand training resources
Higher Education
Collaborate with students on user-generated-content 

What Clients Say

"When you have a limited budget that needs to go far, a desire to produce wow content and content-hungry market, Video Sherpa will truly help you deliver engaging, professional content, and it’s all in-house."

Shana Singh, Ethos Engineering